Is life that hard to live?

“Why life is so hard at times”,  Once a good friend of mine was feeling really low and asked me why life was too hard at times. Let me tell you, even I didn’t have an answer for that. To be honest, Even I do go through situations like those but never gave much thought to it. But I was searching an answer for it like from then and formed something up lately.

I started to look into things keenly and gave attention to every single detailing of life. Believe me, whatever I understood from the past few weeks, it’s you, you are the only reason to make your own life worse and hard to live and you are the one who makes it beautiful and perfect to live in as well 🙂

Some may say that the social life, the social norms made you be a that hard person or made your life hard to live. But let me ask you, why would you be even concerned of the social norms when the life is yours? It’s you who should decide that how you want to spend the time here. You fall for those norms and make your life hard. And again you are the ones who are responsible for making life this way.

You decide to be in your own zone and captivated about the bullshits going around and be so nervous about those that, at the end, you finish at making your life hard.

Let me tell you my friends, those struggles you went through, which you don’t even want to think of now, are those which made you a better person now. And the future is going to be full of shit, so this struggle you went through is going to help you face it strong and boldly.

And lastly, Let me ask you something, what’s the reason that we end up making our lives hard? The obvious answer I could think about is that we want to happy. But whatever we do to be happy, that’s temporary. We need happiness for eternity and as human nature, we seek infinity again. That curiosity keeps us digging into places and we end up at the place where life sucks.

The realization that the happiness you are seeking, the eternal Happiness, the infinite happiness, it all just comes with in you. The temporary happiness you feel at times when you get something, it’s just like for a moment the cloud hindering the sun moves away for a while and comes back. The ray of sun is the happiness and realization that, that ray comes within you and make your life better place you live in.


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