2 + 2 = 4!!

You all might be wondering what kind of blog post is this going to be right. Well, this blog post is all about my experience during the last week. I went to Amrita Coimbatore campus to attend a camp and the name of the camp was Gitamritam. Yes, I know what all kind of thoughts would be running in your minds, I will come there in a while, since this is going to be a large blog post, I wish if most of you have some patience to read this out.

Everything started from March, Vipin Sir suggested me to register for this camp and when I did some reading up on it, the dates for the camp and GSoC was clashing then. I was literally confused if I should register or not, if I get into GSoC then I thought everything will be hard if I got selected for both. (Given Gitamritam has a selection procedure of a call interview, you have to pass the interview then only we would be able to attend the camp). But Haritha chechi literally forced me to register/attend this camp. I registered thinking that, If I was rejected for GSoC then with this camp, I will spend my vacations with this camp. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know, I got selected for both :D. Here comes the greatest dilemma (Just like Arjuna during the first chapter of Bhagavad Gita :P), if I choose to attend then the whole first week of GSoC coding period will be occupied. Again given that, we are not allowed to use laptops or even phones during the camp and whole 19 hours a day. we will be occupied. I asked both Vipin Sir and Haritha chechi what is this camp all about? what will be happening during this camp? Both said only one thing, “You just go and attend, it will be good”. Haritha chechi even added, “You need to attend this camp badly” :P.

Well, I trusted both of them and went to attend the camp. It was a gamble, to be honest. I had to almost complete a week’s work according to the timeline I created. (I didn’t plan for this in the timeline). I had 3 days after exams for the camp, and I had to complete most of one week’s work. I worked day and night like anything those days and at least was able to complete 30% of the first week of work where some of it was wrong also. But thankfully, my mentor was so supportive for the camp. He just said “Don’t worry, Just enjoy the camp :-)” Even without knowing what this camp is all about.

I went to Coimbatore and started attending the camp. Honestly, for the first few days, my whole attention was not completely in the camp. It was wandering near my laptop and there :P. But when it progressed, each and everything which we discussed over the camp, I was able to relate to my life like anything. At first, My mind was like 50% in front of my laptop figuring things out and 50% there in the camp. After that, the camp went so better after I was able to relate anything happened there to my life, I was 200% totally involved in the camp. I just even forgot I used to use something called a mobile phone. I, Sidharth, Shiva ettan, Heeraj ettan, were the people who attend the camp and we were literally the last benchers for the starting few days. But something pulled us to the first after 2 to 3 days. Even Shankar Ji, a speaker/mentor during the camp, mentioned publicly that last benchers have changed.

Let me tell you guys, we have done everything that we won’t even think of doing in public. If we did that in public, people will think that we are retarded. That kind of stuff we have done out there. It actually helps you to mould your own personality. This camp asked me to think about myself, up on things I have faced. Why I had to face that?. More than that, we got really good new friends as well. This camp also was so exciting that we were having different workshops and different activities, to remove fear and every aspect of life. I won’t go deep. But let me give an example, we were left alone in a forest which wasn’t campus area at night 1 AM. Just think the amount of fun we had during that last 8 days. Much more than that we had high-quality speakers like Subramanian swamy[0]. It was way too good.

We think, Gita class, hmm, it’s just waste of time, we have better things to do in life. But during the camp, we didn’t even study Gita. We were learning it through its application level. It altogether changed the perspective of seeing my life. Even we think that people might be talking about amma whole the time. But get your minds cleared. They even didn’t talked anything about amma other than for giving certain examples. We discussed only first 2 chapters of Gita there and it had different aspects of life and made to rethink about yourself and imagine how much knowledge you will able to gain about our life with the rest of the chapters and help you to realize. (In total there are 18 chapters). The way I dwell on different things during my life, after Gitamritam, I felt how obsolete it was to overthink. How our ego over things is going to hurt us. How our happiness was objectified. How to convert our flow of thoughts into a single pointed focus. These have much more to do in our life much more being than a core developer in some open source organization.

I cannot reveal much more rather than this as it’s like restricting you guys not to attain this knowledge in life. One thing I would like to say is that never doubt on the suggestions you receive from your mentor. Even, you don’t need to rethink about it. It will only make your life better. I cannot thank Vipin Sir and Haritha Chechi enough for pushing me into this.

Meanwhile, Just think on some things guys, Are you happy? If at all you are, how long? Why are you too attached to some objects and after time we lose the interest over it? Also think over the title of the blog post as well :P. Hint: you will find all the answers inside you itself. Only thing is that you have to search and learn to admit the truth and certain things in life. If you don’t get the answer and it’s not allowing you to sleep( Like we spend our time during nights, thinking about different stuff). If you still don’t find the answer, wait for 1 year and attend the next years camp :P. Let me tell you this should be at least experienced once in a lifetime. Better before life becomes miserable so that you could face it with confidence.

After getting my phone and replying to different chats and people, my friends asked where I was for the whole week. I told them about the camp and their reply was epic. “Get some life”. This was their reply. I was laughing out to so hard reading that and imagining their life :D. People with me who attended will know. Also don’t think we could just go and attend, just to make people around us happy. You can’t, As Dhyanji always said, “even if you have to reach there, you need to have a thing called Grace in you”. Without that, you can’t even reach there or anywhere to be precise.

Last but not the least, I would like to quote, “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”


2 thoughts on “2 + 2 = 4!!

  1. Wow !! I felt so exiting while reading your blog and it was also very funny about your confusion and also felt very eager to read your blog ,this was awesome and also I think your journey will be also helpful to us in one or any way .

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