A small change for a while.

As most of my blog followers would know that I had changed from WordPress to github.io creating my own template and guess what it was a huge success :P. But the thing with it is that it is roughly coded and it’s getting hard to maintain since I have too many blog post coming up.

Since the blog I created is coded really oddly and I have to refract it in a better way. I need to create things which would automate most of the things up. For that, I might need to make and convert each block into some modules and hack it down. For that, I might need to bring in a new language or something and will try that since it would be a good learning experience as well. But right now it’s not possible since I am quite tight up and that in a really hectic way.

So, let me get this straight now, I’m selected for GSoC’17 and one of the main priority for Summer of Code is to do at least a blog post weekly about the project and stuff. So, if I was going on with the GitHub page I will have to code that up also and the summer GSoC project as well. And this will eat up most of my time working on the summer project so I thought it would be wise to change to WordPress again for a while. Since my GitHub blog has some major bugs which are needed to be triaged and I haven’t got enough time to put forth and work on that. So all the blog post for this summer and now on will be here alone 🙂

So all the old posts done on the GitHub page will be coming here as well 😉 Sorry for the repeat, just enjoy :P. All the contents related to my GSoC this year, I will be posting it soon 🙂


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