Crazy Commands.


It’s been a long time I time since I am writing a new blog post. As my most the post is related to technical stuff, it’s obvious that it will take time. Hence now, I’m with a new post.

Most of the time we work on the Command line. It obvious that this  is the most powerful tool. But have you guys ever thought that this command can also be crazy fun? Today I will show some command which is like crazy things which you could do in the Terminal.

So here it goes.

#1 : $sl

We always use the $ls command to see inside a Directory. This command $sl is something which we get when we type “ls” by mistake. How about getting some fun instead of “command not found”. What this command do is create a Steam Locomotive  moving from right to left.

So, at first we need to install the command

sudo apt-get install sl

then just type in the command line $sl and see the Magic 😉 .


#2: $rev(reverse)

What does this code do is,It reverse every string given to it, is not it funny.


Oh, my god! This is going great, isn’t it? Here comes the rest.

#3: $factor

This command just gives us the factor of a number we input.


#4: $yes

This command just automates a predefined response which can be passed to a terminal or generated. This command just creates or reproduce a string given to it infinite times.

#5: cmatrix

You might have seen Hollywood movie ‘matrix‘ and would be fascinated with power, Neo was provided with, to see anything and everything in the matrix or you might think of an animation that looks alike Hacker‘s desktop. So this command creates an animation like the hacker’s Desktop inside the terminal. It looks like a motion wallpaper.

We need to install it first so,

$sudo apt-get install cmatrix

then run it


#6: Forkbomb.

This is a very nasty piece of code. Run this at your own risk. This actually is a fork bomb which exponentially multiplies itself till all the system resource is utilized and the system hangs. (To check the power of above code you should try it once, but all at your own risk, close and save all other programs and file before running fork bomb). This could be a very useful command to have fun on your friends.

:(){ :|:& }:

#7: $espeak

Have you ever heard the sound of God? Wanted to hear it once? Then just increase the volume of your system to max and try listening to a string given to this command 🙂

eg: $espeak "the string you need to hear"

As for now let this be it. I will come with more after sometime. So enjoy life guys. Cya.



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